About Us

We are a Digital Agency, Web & Mobile Technology Company With Class!

We are industry expert with wealth of Website Design & Development, Web and Mobile Apps Development, Digital & Social Media Branding and Web Technology Consultancy.

Our focus, combined with our experience enables us deliver the promise to bring full potential to match the ambitions of our customers.

Over the years, we have garnered considerable experience delivering solutions to businesses and individuals spread across various sectors of the economy. Through our strategic alliances, we have been able to attain goals and objectives which one company cannot achieve alone. This is based on a win-win mindset, mutual trust, commitment and the sharing of risks and rewards to benefit customers directly. Our professionals have several years of experience consulting with organizations and implementing our proposed and customer desired solutions.

Our Mission

To provide highest quality digital services and solutions to our clients in order to equip them with the right tools required to foster a productive and innovative environment for them to thrive.

At Laylet, we empower business with all they need to develop new business models and processes in order to improve their efficiency and profitability. Whether your business is in the traditional or emerging business sector, we are able to help you create more effective products and ideas.

Our Mantra

We are 21st century thinkers with the required skills to position business for maximum profitability and optimal efficiency. We create valuable solutions that empower our clients, create results and help them achieve their business objectives.